Manimahesh is famous for Manimahesh Lake, Temple of Lord Shiva and the towering Manimahesh Kailash peak. Confess your sins and find eternal bliss of nature at this sacred site situated in the Pir Panjal Range of the heavenly Himalayas. Manimahesh is located at an elevation of 4080mts above sea level offering pristine views of Manimahesh Kailash Peak and its reflection on the tranquil water of Manimahesh Lake. It is believed that Manimahesh Kailash peak that stands high is the abode of Lord Shiva. This sacred place is alleged to be second to the Manasarovar Lake in its religious implication. The temple is beautifully crafted in the Shikara style of Kashmir, which reveals the link between this holy temple and people of Kashmir. Shiva Linga is placed inside the temple with several images of gods and goddesses. 5ft tall Nandi Bull is standing in front of the temple with broken right ear and tail.

Manimahesh can be reached by a trek of 14kms commencing from Hadsar situated 2317mts above sea level. The trek to Manimahesh Lake Dhanchho is the midpoint of the trek situated at an elevation of 2440mts above sea level. Bhairon Ghati is a picturesque place en route Manimahesh Lake. Ponies and porters are available from Bharmaur, Hadsar and Dhanchho. A holy dip in the sanctified water of Manimahesh is capable of washing all sins committed buy a person. Every year thousands of devotees and shaivaites take part in this sacred pilgrimage to Manimahesh in the month of September and October.

Location of Manimahesh

Manimahesh is situated in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 4080mts above sea level. Manimahesh Lake is situated at the base of the towering peak of Manimahesh Kailash (5656mts). Manimahesh can be reached by a trek of 14kms commencing from Hadsar. Manimahesh is situated in the south east corner of Chamba District. Manimahesh is a high altitude lake located in the Pir Panjal Range of Himachal Pradesh.

Places to see in Manimahesh

Manimahesh Lake: The sanctified water of the Manimahesh Lake is the centermost attraction of the place. Every year thousands of devotees visit this sacred place dedicated to Lord Shiva. A sinner turns into a holy man and a holy man turns holier by taking a dip in the holy water of Manimahesh Lake. Perched at an elevation of 4080mts above sea level Manimahesh Lake offers invigorating view of the reflection of Manimahesh Kailash peak.

Bharmaur: Bharmaur is situated below the high mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh. Bharmaur is also known as Bharmour and it was the original capital of Chamba district. Bharmaur is a fascinating place affording grandeur views of nature. Bharmaur is also popular because it is the base of the famous trek to Manimahesh Yatra. There are several ancient temples at Bharmaur reflecting the glorious past of the town. Bharmaur is located 17kms before Hadsar and 31kms before Manimahesh.

Dhanchho: Dhanchho is also written as Dhanchoo. It is the mid-point of the trek to Manimahesh. Dhanchho is perched at an elevation of 2,440mts above sea level at a distance of 24kms from Bharmaur. A 17km drive from Bharmour to Hadsar and then trek of 7km from Hadsar wull lead you to the scenic Dhanchoo. Dhanchho waterfall is perfect place for picnicking.

Hadsar: Hadsar is a picturesque spot from where the trek of 14km to Manimahesh Lake commences. Hadsar is situated 82kms from the town of Chamba at an elevation of 2317mts above sea level. Hadsar is the endpoint of the road. Simple accommodation facilities are available at Hadsar. The place is flooded by tourists during Manimahesh Yatra.

What to do in Manimahesh

Take a holy dip in the consecrated water of Manimahesh Lake. Visit temple and capture images of the beautiful locations that you encountered while trekking. Do carry raincoats as weather is unpredictable at such altitudes. Explore the excursions of Bharmaur and Chamba. Don’t trek in a hurry and walk slowly enjoying the panoramic views of mountains, rivers, valleys and glaciers.

Excursions from Manimahesh

Chamba: Chamba is a picturesque hill station and a district of Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is situated 582kms from Delhi at an elevation of 996mts above sea level. The town of Chamba is well connected by motorable roads with major destinations of Himachal Pradesh and adjoining states. Chamba is famous for its ancient heritage, temples, culture and handicrafts. Chamba is a land of mystical tranquility, invigorating vistas of nature, salubrious weather, lofty mountains passes, revitalizing atmosphere and placid environment. Chamba is flooded by tourists throughout the year because of the popular tourist destinations like Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Manimahesh etc.

Khajjiar: It is famous for its placid beauteousness and a 10th century temple dedicated to the Lord of the Snakes. The architecture of Khajjiar represents an appealing mixture of Mughals and Hindu culture. Khajjiar is also known as the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh as the place offers scenic splendors of nature. There are many short trekking excursions from here leading to destinations with serene and exquisite places. There is a small lake in Khajjiar with green meadows everywhere surrounded by towering trees.

Dalhousie: Dalhousie is not as famous as Darjeeling or Shimla, but a walk down the Malls and the Moti Tibba Hill is an enchanting one. It stands at a height between 1,525 m and 2,378 m and is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, lush green forests of pine, oak and rhododendron. Dalhousie is famous for its colonial type architecture, and beautiful churches. The panoramic view of the Ravi River and the Dauladhar range adds to the beauty of the hill station.

Triund: Triund is a fascinatingly mysterious spot perched at an elevation of 2,827mts above sea level at a distance of 17kms from Dharamshala. The trek of 12kms commencing from Mcleodganj is an immortal experience where you get to explore scenic vistas of nature. Triund is situated at the foot of the Dhauladhar Ranges and it is a popular spot for camping and picnicking. The snowline starts just 5km from Triund offering spectacular view of the splendors of nature. Forest Rest House is situated at Triund.

Accomodations Hotels in Manimahesh

Simple tented accommodation is available at Dhanchho and Hadsar. Good Hotels and Lodges are at Bharmaur and Chamba. The tented accommodations will provide you quilts and blankets.

Best time to visit Manimahesh

The best time to visit Manimahesh is from May to November as the region remains closed in remaining months because of heavy snowfall. Carry woolens with you as the region remains cold even in summer months. The temperature during winters falls below zero at Manimahesh.

How to reach Manimahesh

By Air: The nearest airport to Manimahesh Lake is Gaggal Airport situated in Kangra District. Buses and taxis are available to Bharmaur and Hadsar from Gaggal Airport. The trek of 14km commences from Hadsar.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Manimahesh Lake situated in Pathankot. Buses and taxis are available to Bharmaur and Hadsar from Pathankot. The trek of 14km commences from Hadsar.

By Road: The road to Manimahesh Lake ends at Hadsar. Hadsar is connected by jeep able roads with Bharmaur. Hadsar is situated 82kms from the town of Chamba at an elevation of 2317mts above sea level.