Narkanda is a ravishing town with apple and cherry orchards covering most of the area. Narkanda is located on the old Hindustan Tibet Road which is now NH22 at a distance of 62kms from Shimla. Narkanda is a complete destination fulfilling every need of a nature lover, adventurer and a traveler. Narkanda is a captivating town because of the Apple orchards, deodar trees, ancient temples, pastoral houses and dotted lakes. Narkanda is one of the major sites of Himachal Pradesh where apples are grown in such large amount. Hattu Peak is the highest and most popular destination of Narkanda. Narkanda is an ideal spot for adventurers in winters as there is ample scope for skiing and snowboarding. Narkanda is unlike popular hill station as it is unspoiled and less crowded than usual hill stations but when it comes to natural beauteousness Narkanda crosses its limits by constantly showering us with scenic splendors. Narkanda acts as the famous ski resort during winters with skiers coming from across the country.

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Location of Narkanda

Narkanda is situated in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh at an astounding altitude of 2,708mts above sea level. Narkanda is located on NH22 at a distance of 439kms from Delhi, 170kms from Chandigarh and 62kms from Shimla. Buses and taxis are easily available from Shimla to Narkanda. Narkanda is situated between the Valley of Sutlej River and Beas River.

Places to see in Narkanda

Hattu Peak: Hattu Peak is the highest peak of the Narkanda region situated at a distance of 7km from Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. Hattu Peak is located at an altitude of 3,136mts above sea level affording panoramic view of the dense forests and the snow laden mighty Himalayan range. Some nearby tourist spots are Thanedar, Kotgarh,Hattu Mata Temple and Kumarsain. Hattu peak is accessible by jeep able roads.

Hattu Mata Temple: This sacred temple is situated atop Hattu peak. Hattu Mata is an ancient temple of Hatto Mata which is associated with Pandava’s exile period. Hattu Mata Temple holds great significance amongst the locals.

Thander: Thander is also written as Thanedar. Thander is situated 16kms from Narkanda at an altitude of 2,400mts above sea level. Thander is a small village but a prominent destination as it is the located amidst magnificent apple orchards. Tanijabbar Lake and Hattu Peak are scenic and adventurous spot. St Mary’s Church which was built in 1872 and a stone temple named Parsmjyotir built in the Pahari style are the prime specialties of Thander.

Kotgarh: Kotgarh is a captivating place situated on the Hindustan-Tibet Road. Kotgarh is acknowledged as the apple land of Himachal Pradesh because of its scrumptious apples. Apple orchards are spread through acres of land at Kotgarh. The apples are transported from Kotgarh in large quantity to major towns of the country. The distance from Narkanda to Kotgarh is 16kms.

Kacheri: Kacheri is situated 7kms from Narkanda at an elevation of 1810mts above sea level. Kacheri is located on NH22 and it is renowned for the ancient Mahamaya Temple. Mahamaya Temple holds great religious importance amongst the people of Kacheri and Narkanda.

What to do in Narkanda

Carry light woolens in summers and heavy woolens in winters while a visit to Narkanda. Carry torch and whistle while trekking on unknown paths. Don’t harm the natural beauty of this serene place in any way. Click photographs of yours and share it with others. Enjoy skiing if you are planning a visit to Narkanda in winters. The skiing slopes at Narkanda vary from amateur to professional levels. Explore the pastoral life of the people of Shimla district. Visit nearby temples and popular places. Watch the sun setting behind the Himalayas and gaze at the stars at night.

Excursions from Narkanda

Shimla: Located in the northwest Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is famous for all its natural beauty, forests covered in oak, pine ad rhododendrons and snow-clad Himalayan peaks. It is also famous for its neo-gothic and tudorbethon style of architecture. The buildings in Shimla still remind us of the colonial heritage especially the Viceregal Lodge and the enchanting iron lamps and Anglo Saxon names. The Mall is one of the best places in Shimla which offers a good view of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Shimla is situated at an altitude of 2,130mts at a distance of 62kms from Narkanda. Shimla was once the summer capital of the erstwhile British Raj in India. Shimla is bounded by Mandi and Kullu in the north, Kinnaur in the east, Sirmaur district in the west, and Uttarakhand in the south. Shimla derived its name after the goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

Naldehra: Naldehra is a charming place situated 74kms from Narkanda at an elevation of 2044mts above sea level. Naldehra is named after God Nag. This scenic spot was very dear to Lord Curzon and he named his daughter as Alexandra Naldehra. Naldehra is popular for 18-hole oldest golf course of India. Numerous competitions are held at this site and Naldehra has also become a popular tourist destination in recent years.

Kufri: Kufri Hill Station is located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 2510mts above sea level at a distance of 48kms from Narkanda. Kufri is flooded by tourists all round the year but especially in winters. Adventure sports lover enjoy skiing at Kufri as the region is covered with the sheets of snow in winters. Kufri is an ideal excursion from Shimla visited by honeymooners and families. Kufri Hill station is situated on NH22 and it is well connected by motorable roads with major cities of North India. Kufri remained obscure from the rest of the world until the British discovered it in the year 1819. Kufri’s proximity to Shimla makes it an imperative place to visit. Kufri has several picturesque excursions offering scenic vistas of nature’s beauty.

Fagu: 41kms from Narkanda on the Hindustan-Tibetan Road lies the picturesque town of Fagu. It is an ideal trekking place serving as an entry point for Kinnaur. Fagu is situated at an elevation of 2500mts above sea level.

Accomodations Hotels in Narkanda

Accommodation facilities in Narkanda are somewhat limited. Hotel Hatu and Tethys Narkanda Resort are three star properties offering luxury and comfort at its best. Bushahr Regency, Narkanda Camp Resort, P.W.D Rest House, Cottages, Banjara Retreat, Hotel Snow View, Hotel Mahamaya Palace, Khazein Hotel and Himalayan Inn are other handful hotels located in Narkanda.

Best time to visit Narkanda

Narkanda can be visited anytime of the year but it depends on your requirements. If you are an adventurer and love to do skiing then you are welcomed to this natural hamlet during the months of January and February. Narkanda is covered with the sheets of snow during winter months making it ideal for skiing. If you want to enjoy then appetizing beauteousness of nature’s vivid colors then visit Narkanda during monsoons and autumn. The climate of Narkanda is salubrious in the summer months making it an ideal spot for holidaying.

How to reach Narkanda

By Air: The nearest airport to Narkanda is Jubbarhatti Airport situated 81kms away. Taxis are easily available from Jubbarhatti Airport to Narkanda.

By Rail: The nearest broad gauge railway station is located at Chandigarh situated 168kms away from Narkanda. The nearest narrow gauge railhead is situated 62kms from Narkanda at Shimla. Taxis and Buses are easily available to Narkanda from these destinations.

By Road: Narkanda is well connected by motorable roads with major destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda is situated on NH22 at a distance of 439kms from Delhi, 170kms from Chandigarh and 62kms from Shimla. Buses and taxis are easily available from Shimla to Narkanda.