Sirmaur is a tourist spot which attracts uncountable tourists all around the year. Sirmaur is also written as Sirmour, sirmur and sirmor. Sirmaur is triangle of three major tourist destinations of Himachal namely Nahan, Renuka and Paonta Sahib. The district headquarter of Sirmaur is Nahan as there is no town existing as a name of Sirmaur. Sirmaur is rich in rural culture as the 90% of the population lives the pastoral life in the villages here. You can visit Nahan (capital of Sirmaur), Renuka, Paonta Sahib and Suketi Fossil Park where 85 million years old fossil has been found. The economy of the people of the Sirmaur entirely depends upon the agriculture and farming. The people of Sirmaur produce potato and ginger in large quantity. The charming exquisiteness and the pastoral life of Sirmaur have lured tourists since very beginning. The elevation of Sirmaur varies from 434mts to 3994mts above sea level.

Himachal Tourism

Location of Sirmaur

Sirmaur is located in the south most region of Himachal Pradesh sharing common borders with Uttarakhand and Haryana. Sirmaur is not a town itself but a combination of three popular places namely Nahan, Renuka and Paonta Sahib. The elevation of Sirmaur varies from 434mts to 3994mts above sea level. Sirmaur is an attractive hill station of Himachal Pradesh with most of the people living in villages. Sirmaur is situated 252kms from Delhi, 92kms from Dehradun, 131kms from Shimla and 43kms from Paonta Sahib.

Places to see in Sirmaur

Nahan: Nahan is a historic town of Sirmaur situated at an elevation of 932mts above sea level. Nahan is covered with dense green forest with the highest point of the region, Churdhar Peak (3,647mts) dominating the scene. Nahan is the base of several short treks in the woods including Suketi Fossil Park. There are three popular walking circuits in Nahan namely Villa Round, Hospital Round and Military Round. There three gentle walks will help you to evocate the city’s past. Every year Bawan Dwadashi Festival is celebrated at Nahan in the month of September.

Sirmuri Tal: Sirmuri Tal is situated around 16km northwest of Paonta Sahib on the Giri River. The stagnant water of this town has a haunting history. This site was the ancient town of Sirmour which was destroyed by the curse of a court dancer when the king reneged on an oath to give her half of his kingdom if she crossed the gorges of a river on a rope. The task was completed by her but the wily Raja then offered her the entire kingdom if she could dance her way back. As she was half way across, he cut the rope hurling the helpless girl into the river. Soon after this incident floods followed to swept away the city, the raja and the royal house in fulfillment of the dancer's curse.

Churdhar Peak: Churdhar peak is the highest peak of the southern region of Himachal Pradesh situated at an altitude of 3,647mts above sea level. Some of the best landscapes of Himachal Pradesh can be seen from Churdhar peak. The weather conditions at Churdhar peak remains pleasant during summers and cold during winters. Snow capped peaks of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state can be seen from Churdhar Peak. The area is rich in flora and fauna; you can easily spot the monal and musk deer at this place. Many ayurvedic plants having medicinal values are found here.

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 402.8hectares. The sanctuary is well connected by motorable roads and Dadahu is the nearest town situated 2kms away from Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is recognized as a religious place also as Renuka, the incarnation of Godess Durga and Parshuram the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu lived here. There is a Ramsarovar lake at this place which is now named as Renukaji Lake. The fauna of the sanctuary includes the Leopard, Barking deer Jackal, Hare, Sambhar, Spotted Deer, Jungle cat, Palm Civet, Porcupine, Blue jay,  Black  Partridge, Hill Crow, Bulbul, Green Pigeons.

What to do in Sirmaur

Explore the pastoral life of the villages of Sirmaur as 90% off the people of this site lives in villages. Visit nearby temples and places with great historical and mythological backgrounds. Enjoy short treks in the woods and camp at picturesque locations. Carry light woolens with you if you are planning a visit in summers and heavy woolens if you are visiting Sirmaur during winters.

Excursions from Sirmaur

Paonta Sahib: Paonta Sahib is a sacred city situated 44kms from Nahan on Nahan Dehradun Road. Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is dedicated to the memory of Guru Gobind Singh the tenth Guru of Sikh community. Guru Gobind Singh lived here for four years and wrote ‘Dassam Granth’ at this very place. Paonta Sahib is located on the right bank of Yamuna River. Paonta Sahib is a place holding great religious importance as the ring of Guru Gobind Singh was lost here while taking bath in the sacred Yamuna River. Thousands of devotees visit this place throughout the year and especially during spring festivals of Holi and Baisakhi. There are two temples here dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Nagnauna Temple: Nagnauna temple is situated 16kms from Sirmaur near the village of Puruwalla. This temple is closely associated with the legend of Sirmour's erstwhile ruling house.

Shiva Temple: There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Patlian, situated 5km from Paonta Sahib. The Shiva linga in this temple is supposed to be steadily increasing in size. This region is surrounded by beautiful green fields and sal trees.

Katasan Devi Temple: Katasan Devi Temple also known as Uttam Wala Bara Ban is revered by the local people. It is at this spot the army of Sirmaur defeated the marauding armies of Ghulam Qadir Khan Rohiolla.

Assan Lake: 4kms from Paonta Sahib you can enjoy boating rowing in the beautiful lake. You can also enjoy other sports like hovercraft rides and water skiing.

Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib: It is around 23kms from Paonta Sahib commemorating the first battle of Guru Gobind Singh where when he defeated Raja Fateh Shah and his allies.

Simbalwara Wildlife Sanctuary: It is an ideal spot for bird watching situated around 12kms from Nahan.

Accomodations Hotels in Sirmaur

There are numerous hotels in Sirmaur where you enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable prices. Hotel Renuka, Hotel Yamuna, Hotel Hill View, Hotel Regency, the mall, black mango and clock tower are some of the hotels situated in Sirmaur region.

Best time to visit Sirmaur

The best time to visit Sirmaur is all around the year. The climate of Sirmaur remains Salubrious and pleasant during summers and cold during winters. The monsoon months offer enchanting greenery and clear views.

How to reach Sirmaur

By Air: The nearest airport to Sirmaur is Chandigarh Airport. Taxis are available from Chandigarh to Sirmaur. Chandigarh Airport is situated 83kms from Sirmaur.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Sirmaur is located in Ambala. Regular buses and taxis are available from Ambala to Sirmaur. Ambala railway station is situated 67kms from Sirmaur.

By Road: Sirmaur is located 252kms from Delhi which can be easily covered in a 6-7hr drive. Buses and taxis are available from Delhi and Ambala to Sirmaur. Sirmaur is located 92kms from Dehradun, 131kms from Shimla and 43kms from Paonta Sahib.