Srinagar Garhwal

Srinagar was the ancient capital city of Garhwal region until the Britishers came to India. Alaknanda River is harvesting Srinagar since beginning but this place has suffered catastrophic attacks as well. In the year 1803 this place was affected by a deadly earthquake and in the year 1894 the city of Srinagar was drowned with the flood that commenced from Gohna Lake in Chamoli. Srinagar has faced hard times and now it delivers best education in Uttarakhand state. HNB Garhwal University has recently become centrally recognized which has taken Srinagar town at a higher level as the university is situated in Srinagar. The average literacy rate of Srinagar is 83% which is way more than the literacy rate of India. Srinagar is located in the Pauri Garhwal district at an elevation of 579mts above sea level. Srinagar offers nature at its best as it is located on the banks of the sacred Alaknanda River in the foot of the mystic green mountains of the Garhwal region.

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Location of Srinagar Garhwal

Srinagar is located in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state on the banks of Alaknanda River. Srinagar is situated on NH58 which connects Badrinath. Srinagar has an elevation of 579mts above sea level. Srinagar is well connected with motorable roads and it is 104kms from Rishikesh, 35kms from Devprayag and 340kms from Delhi.

Places to see in Srinagar Garhwal

Kamleshwar Mandir: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of the sacred Alaknanda River. According to myths and legends Lord Rama offered one of his eyes to Lord Shiva in place of a lost lotus flower. This place is one of the five Maheshwara peeths of the Himalayas.

Keshorai Math: This temple is dedicated to God Narayan. In the year 1682 a person named Kesho Rai constructed this temple while he was visiting Badrinath. After getting tired by walking for so long Kesho Rai planned to sleep at this place and in his dreams Narayan appeared and asked him to dig at the place where he was sleeping. Kesho Rai woke up and started digging and he soon discovered an image of Narayan, he then constructed a temple here.

Kilkileshwar Mahadev: There is another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of river Alaknanda named as Kilkileshwar Mahadev. This sacred temple was established by Shankaracharya the legendary Hindu Guru.

Dhari Devi Mandir: This sacred temple is situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River. The deity of Dhari Devi temple is Goddess Kali and this holy shrine holds great importance amongst Hindus. Dhari Devi is situated 16km ahead of Srinagar on the way to Rudraprayag. One must trek down 1km from the road to reach the temple. It takes half n hour to reach Dhari Devi from Srinagar.

Vishnu Mohini Temple: This holy spot is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. This temple is not far from the market of Srinagar.

HNB Garhwal University: Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University was established in the year 1973 and now it the university has been centrally recognized. HNBGU have redefined the quality of education ever since its foundation. The literacy rate of Uttarakhand is 72% which is way more than the literacy rate India in combined. HNB University is located in the lap of natural beauty and this helps the students in concentration. Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University has jurisdiction over seven districts of the Garhwal region. HNB Garhwal University offers education in all fields like Arts, Agriculture, Commerce, Management, Law, Engineering, Tourism, History, Archeology, Science and Pharmacy. The library of the Garhwal University has over 2,00,000 books.

What to do in Srinagar Garhwal

Visit the local temples of the place as they have great religious importance and are an important part of our mythological past. Walk on the bridge built over the Alaknanda River connecting Srinagar with Chauras. Click pictures and go for a short trek in the woods above Srinagar. Buy different things from Gola Bazaar.

Excursions from Srinagar Garhwal

Rishikesh: Rishikesh is an ideal spot for white water rafting and camping on the river beach. Rishikesh comer under the shivalik range of the Himalayas and the place is also the home of numerous temples. It is one of the busiest places of Uttarakhand where lakhs of tourists visit every month throughout the year.  

Pauri Garhwal: Srinagar comes under Pauri Garhwal district which is situated at an altitude of 1814mts. Pauri Garhwal is located on the northwest slopes of Kandoliya Hills in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state. The district of Pauri Garhwal varies from the foothills of Kotdwar to the lush green meadows of Dhanaulti near Mussoorie, extending up to the altitude of 3,200mts. Diverse in topography and filled with places of tourist's interest, most locations in Pauri offers the invigorating view of the majestic snow-capped peaks of Himalayan range. The district of Pauri Garhwal is full of life blessed with the panoramic view of snowcapped peaks of the mighty Himalayas, scenic valleys, terrace farms, cascading rivers and waterfalls carrying exuberant waters, dense green forests and people with rich culture and pastoral life.

New Tehri: It is the only planned town of Uttarakhand state made during the construction of the Tehri dam. Every month thousands of tourists visit Tehri to see the stagnant water of the massive Tehri Dam. The Dam is situated amidst high mountains many of which are submerged under water. New Tehri is very well connected with motorable roads. Tehri dam is one of the largest and highest dams of Asia continent.

Devprayag: Devprayag is situated on the confluence point of the two holy rivers of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda making its water holier with the formation of Ganga River. Devprayag is one of the five confluences of Alaknanda River and the origin of Ganga River, before this point Bagirathi River is considered as Ganga. The town is the seat of the pundits of Badrinath Dham. The town of Devprayag holds great religious importance amongst Hindu devotees as the divine Ganga River takes its real form from here. Devprayag is located at an elevation of 2,265mts above sea level at the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River.

Haridwar: Haridwar is situated at an altitude of 295mts above sea level on the banks of the holiest river of India, Ganga. Haridwar is one of the 13districts of the Uttarakhand state. Haridwar is the gateway to the four divine pilgrimages of Hindus situated in Uttarakhand, namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri. Haridwar is sometimes spelled as Hardwar. The place is considered as a holy city and it holds great importance amongst Indians. The meaning of Haridwar in hindi language means Dwar of Hari or Gateway to God where 'Hari' means god and 'dwar' means gate. A dip in the holy water of Ganga River is capable of washing all the sins done by humans.

Rudraprayag: Rudraprayag is situated at the confluence of Alaknanda River and Mandakini River from where Alaknanda River proceeds to meet Bhagirathi River to form the sacred Ganges. Rudraprayag is the only confluence situated on Alaknanda River which is also considered as state district. Rudra is one of the 108names of Lord Shiva. The road to Kedarnath Dham and Badrinath Dham diverts from this point and therefore this place is popular amongst the people to make a night halt and explore the charm and beauteousness of this sanctified place. The district covers an area of approximately 1890sqkms and the height of the Rudraprayag town is 4200ft above sea level. A dam is also under construction on the way to Rudraprayag via Srinagar.

Accomodations Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal

There are numerous options for you to stay at Srinagar as this place has good accommodation facilities. Undoubtedly GMVN is one of the best and affordable place to stay at Srinagar. Other private hotel includes Hotel Valley Inn, Hotel Alpine, Hotel Devlok, Ivy Top Resort, Hotel Ganga Kinare, Hotel Pine Inn, Hotel Prachi, and Hotel Sudarshan Castle.

Best time to visit Srinagar Garhwal

The best time to visit Srinagar is from Mid September to March end. In the remaining months the temperature of Srinagar remains hot and humid as it is situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River. During monsoons there are chances of landslides by which the road gets blocked. Carry woolens while a visited to Srinagar during winters.

How to reach Srinagar Garhwal

By Road: Srinagar is well connected with motorable road from all the major towns of Uttarakhand. Srinagar is situated 340kms from Delhi which can be covered in 9-10hrs of time. Srinagar is located on NH58 connecting Ghaziabad with Badrinath.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Srinagar is situated at Rishikesh. The Rishikesh railway station is 105kms away from Srinagar. Buses and taxis are easily available to Srinagar from Rishikesh and the distant can be covered in around 3hours of time.

By Air: Jolly Grant is the nearest airport situated 125kms from Srinagar. Taxis are available from Jolly Grant to Rishikesh and Srinagar.