Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal is the one of the oldest districts of Uttarakhand as it was founded in the year 1949 in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier Uttarkashi was the part of the Tehri District and in the year 1960 it was given its own name. The district of Tehri Garhwal stretches from the snow capped Himalayan peaks to the foothills of Rishikesh. The pristine water of divine Bhagirathi River divides the district into two, whereas the Bhilangna, Alaknanda, Ganga and Yamuna River border Tehri on the east and west. New Tehri is situated at an elevation of 1600mts above sea level in the heart of Uttarakhand.

The word Tehri is derived from the word ‘Trihari’ which literally suggests ‘a place that washes away the three types of sins’ - sins born out of Mansa, Vacha and Karmana or thought, word and deed, respectively. The natives of Tehri Garhwal region follows the agrarian-pastoral way of life to make their living from the hilly land the best they can.

After the construction of the Tehri Dam, New Tehri has been constructed 16kms from Old Tehri on the hill top. The government gave property in New Tehri to the people who lived in Old Tehri. New Tehri is the only planned town of Uttarakhand state offering beautiful views of the stagnant water of the Bagirathi River in Tehri Dam. Tehri is well connected with motorable roads and very good accommodation facilities are available here.


Tehri dam is one of the biggest and mega budget dam projects of India. Tehri dam is the highest and largest dam in India as it is situated at an elevation of 856mts above sea level carrying abundant water of the sacred Bhagirathi River. In last Decade Tehri has become worldwide popular because of the construction of the Tehri Dam which has 8 big turbines to produce hydro electricity of 2400MW. The construction began in the year 1978 and many people of Tehri and environmentalists protested about making the dam. The Old Tehri which used to be the home of the people of Tehri lies under the water today. Tehri Dam led to the construction of New Tehri which is the only planned town of Uttarakhand state. Every month thousands of tourists visit Tehri to see the stagnant water of the massive Tehri Dam. The Dam is situated amidst high mountains many mountains have submerged under water. Tehri dam has a height of 260mts. Tehri Dam relies on the holy Bhagirathi river coming from Gangotri Gaukmukh. Tehri dam is world’s fifth highest dam. Tehri dam led to the submersion of more than 40villages. After years of concerns and protestation, the Tehri Dam operation continues and the first unit of electricity got produced in June 2006.

Location of Tehri Garhwal

Tehri is named after the Tehri District of the Garhwal region. New Tehri is located at an elevation of 1600mts above sea level 16kms from the Old Tehri. The dam is situated 12kms down from New Tehri. Tehri is well connected with motorable roads from all the major cities and towns of Uttarakhand state. Tehri is located 299kms from New Delhi which can be covered in 7-8hour drive.

What to do in Tehri Garhwal

Visit the excursions of the Tehri Garhwal as Tehri has a lot to offer. Do short treks or if you are adventure lover then go for major treks also. Take a closer look at the stagnant water of the Tehri dam. Enhance your photography skills by doing nature photography.

Excursions from Tehri Garhwal

Uttarkashi: It is situated 90kms from Tehri. Uttarkashi is a beautiful place which is well connected with motorable roads and you can easily get bus or taxi to Gangotri from here. Uttarkashi is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi River at an elevation of 1352mts above sea level. Uttarkashi is the home of one of the most reputed mountaineering institutes of India i.e. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

Rishikesh: Rishikesh is an ideal spot for white water rafting and camping on the river beach. Rishikesh comer under the shivalik range of the Himalayas and the place is also the home of numerous temples. It is one of the busiest places of Uttarakhand where lakhs of tourists visit every month throughout the year. It is situated 78km from Tehri.

Chandrabadni: The deity of the divine Chandrabadani Temple is Goddess Sati, the consort of Lord Shiva. According to myths and legends the torso of Goddess Sati was accidentally felt here when Lord Shiva was carrying her. The temple holds great religious importance amongst the people of Uttarakhand. There are some ancient statues and numerous iron trishuls outside the temple and the splendid panoramic vistas of the Himalayan range can be seen from here.

Dhanaulti: Dhanaulti is situated on the misty mountains amidst dense alpine, oak and rhododendron forests in the Tehri District of Uttarakhand state at an elevation of 2286mts. The pleasant weather, wooded slopes, invigorating vies of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas adds peace and tranquility for the tourists visiting Dhanaulti. As Mussoorie has become crowded, many tourists love to retreat to Dhanaulti on Mussoorie - Chamba Road.

Kanatal: Kanatal is situated on Mussoorie – Chamba Road in the Tehri District of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state. Kanatal is a picturesque lake with pristine water which was forgotten and almost died. The lake stands at an elevation of 8500mts above sea level amidst forest and lush fruit orchards. The peacefulness of this place is impregnable, the reflection of the enchanting surroundings blesses the place with illusionary elements of life and the sound of the wind is the only thing that could be listened without making an effort.

Surkanda Devi Trek: Surkanda Devi is an ancient shrine located near Dhanaulti dedicated to Sati – Wife of Lord Shiva. This sacred temple is set at an astounding altitude of 3030mts above sea level. The deity of this temple is the Shankar's consort - Sati and one can reach there through 2 km easy trek. The trek to Surkanda Devi goes through dense forest which is rich in varied flora and fauna. The trek affords panoramic views of snow clad peaks of the splendid Himalayan range. According to myths and legends the head of the charred body of Goddess Sati fell here when Lord Shiva was taking her remains along with him after she give her life in the yajna started by her father. The temple holds immense importance amongst the people of Uttarakhand state and other nearby regions.

Chamba: Chamba is one of the best excursions of Tehri Garhwal as the place offers panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan range and the sacred view of the Bhagirathi River. Chamba is situated 12kms from Tehri at an altitude of 1676mts above sea level. The place is quite and serene with pine and deodar trees everywhere offering peace and tranquility.

Mussoorie: Mussoorie is a hill station which needs no introduction as it is one of the most frequently visited hill station of India. Mussoorie is visited by lakhs of tourists throughout the year. Mussoorie is set in the foothills of Himalayas in the Dehradun district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand state. Mussoorie is set at an elevation of 2005mts above sea level. The place is situated amidst green hills and is rich in varied flora and fauna that’s why Mussoorie is also known as ‘queen of the hills’. Kempty Falls, the mall road, Bhatta falls, Gunhill and Lal Tibba are some of the popular places nearby Mussoorie.

Sem Mukhem: It is situated at an elevation of 2903mts above sea level in the interior of the Tehri district. There is a temple at Sem Mukhem dedicated to Nag Raja. The temple holds great respect and esteem importance amongst the people of Tehri District. Khamba Khal is situated 63kms from Tehri the transport facilities are available only till this point. An easy trek of 7kms to Sem commences from Khamba Khal. Accommodation is provided by the Pandits of the Mukhem village.

Khatling Glacier: The moderate and famous trek to Khatling Glacier commences from Ghuttu situated 62kms from Tehri. Tourist Rest Houses are available at Ghuttu providing good accommodation and food facilities. One can reach Kedarnath via places like Gangi, Khatling Glacier, Shastra Tal, Masar Tal and Vasuki tal. But the trek becomes strenuous if you proceed ahead to Kedarnath from Khatling Glacier. Trek to Khatling glacier is an unforgettable experience as while trekking you will encounter the ravishing and captivating vistas of nature’s simple beauty and the panoramic Himalayan peaks.

Accomodations Hotels in Tehri Garhwal

GMVN rest houses provide good accommodation facilities in Tehri. There are many hotels situated in Tehri providing comfort and luxury at its best. The hotels in Tehri varies from Budget to luxury hotels.

Best time to visit Tehri Garhwal

You can visit Tehri Garhwal throughout the year but try to avoid the monsoons as there are some chances of blocking of roads due to landslides. But the greenery of the place is worth watching. Carry heavy woolens if you are visiting Tehri during winters and light woolens if you are visiting any other time of the year.

How to reach Tehri Garhwal

By Air: The nearest airport to Tehri Garhwal is Jolly Grant situated 93kms away. Taxis are easily available from here.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is situated 75kms from Tehri at Rishikesh. Taxis and buses are available from here in plenty. The distance of 75kms can be easily covered in 2-3 hours.

By Road: Tehri is very well connected with major towns of the as it is one of the major destinations of Uttarakhand state. Delhi is located 300kms from Tehri which can be easily covered in 7-8hrs. Buses to Tehri run from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi.